How do I get funding

How do I get funding by F.AU.ST e.V.?

  • For the granting of aid you have to complete and submit the application for aid personally (see downloads “Studienbeihilfe- und Darlehensantrag”).

  • The funds will only be allocated to foreign students in accordance with conditions pursuant to  the procurement law of 21 April 2011 (see downloads “Vergabeverordnung”).

Application forms to F.AU.ST e.V. can be presented to:

F.AU.ST e.V., c/o Studentenwerk Augsburg, b!st, Eichleitnerstraße 30, 86159 Augsburg, Tel.: 0821/5984920, Fax: 0821/5984929, 

Dr. Sabine Tamm, Akademisches Auslandsamt der Universität Augsburg Universitätsstraße 2, 86159 Augsburg
Tel.: +49 (0) 821/598 5135

Ingrid Hahn-Eisenhardt, International Office der Hochschule Augsburg
An der Hochschule 1, 86161 Augsburg
Tel.: +49 (0) 821/5586 3205 

The decision on the award of the grant is made by the executive board of F.AU.ST e.V. in its regular meetings.